Written by Natasha Kalantar

If I were to give you a list of things made out of limestone you’d expect me to say the Great Pyramids, Manhattan Courthouse, paper. Wait, what?

Great Pyramids, Manhattan Courthouse, paper1


I’ve not made an epic blunder, Parax Paper have developed a revolutionary script made from 80% Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 and 20% non-toxic HDPE. This innovative alternative to pulp paper is gaining planetary imminence by showing itself to be both ecologically and aesthetically superior.

notebooksPer tonne of Parax paper manufactured, up to 20 fewer trees are cut down compared to the production of ordinary pulp paper. 167lbs of solid waste is not generated ad 6 million BTU’s of energy are not consumed. The entire process of Parax paper production involves no water, meaning there is 50% less CO2 emissions and 50% less energy used.

The ecological brilliance doesn’t stop there, Parax paper degrades naturally under UV light within a year, returning to its natural limestone state and can also be burned to provide waste-to-energy power, releasing no toxins as it’s burned.

The ecological positives do not by any means negatively affect the visual effect of the paper. The brilliant, crisp whiteness of the paper makes it a joy to write on and due to the poreless qualities of the stone, up to 30% less ink is used. The paper is tear resistant, grease proof and waterproof.

A multitude of products are available, from produce for the home and office such as notebooks, notepads, planners, calendars, envelopes and labels to maps, posters, catalogues, brochures, wrapping paper and bags.

Parax Stone Paper is a unique product, from beginning to end. Simply put, Parax Stone Paper is basic yet unparalleled in concept, fabrication and quality.