Losing weight? Going to the gym? There is a better New Year`s Resolution.

Make 2014 the year that you will become good to our planet. Not to crowd you all at once, we will post one Eco – Good deed a day new year.

Watch this space!

post 1812Eco Resolution nr 13:  Buy Less Bottled Water!

If you don’t have a refillable water bottle by now, it’s time to splurge.

Trade your bottled water habit for an at-home filtering pitcher and you can help make a dent in the 1.5 million barrels of oil used to make plastic water bottles each year; pair it with a reusable bottle (like one made of glass, aluminium, or recycled plastic), and you’ll always be prepared to tackle your thirst.

bottled-water-topsThe multiplier effect of reducing your bottled water consumption will include the following “good and green’ actions:

– Reducing your carbon footprint

– Reducing the amount of plastic waste that has to be landfilled or becomes litter landfilled

– Ensures that access to water remains a basic right for all, not just for those that can afford it.

– Support your municipality

– Prevents the privatization of water

– Prevents the unsustainable use of aquifers and water resources

– Prevents unnecessary energy use

– Prevents environmental degradation

– Saves you money

The UK mains tap water supply is totally safe to drink and of extremely high quality – one of the best in the world.

In taste tests across the UK, people can rarely tell the difference between bottled water and tap water if they are served the same way (fresh and cool). Always make sure that the tap water you are serving is fresh from the mains.

Did you know? The average person will spend £25,000 on bottled water and associated soft drinks in their lifetime. Think ahead a little and re-fill a bottle at home from the tap before you leave. Thinking of getting nice, stylish and practical re-fill bottle? Here are some ideas:

Gabi H2O folding water bottleAdultsWaterBottle

The GabiH2O 18oz smart bottle makes sure you stay hydrated all the time. It folds neatly and is small enough to fit in your purse or even your pocket. It’s lightweight, easy to drink from, and features a comfortable snap carabiner.

Smart folding bottle – eco friendly and reusable – bpa free – Folds, Rolls, clips or Flattens when empty – SPACE SAVER – Washable, reusable, foldable, attachable, identifiable and freezable! – Great for School, Sports, Gym, hiking or biking!

Read more: http://www.gabih2o.com

Brita bottle with filtersfillgo_kitchensink

BRITA Fill&Go filters water whilst you drink and reduces substances that impair smell and taste…

Read more here

Water Refilling stations

water refill stationsA refilling station is a cafe, shop, pub etc who provides tap water for free.

Download application or visit website, type you current location and search for the nearest Water Refilling Station!


If the reasons above are not convincing enough, read the other 5 reasons why not to drink bottled water:

1)      Bottled water isn’t a good value

2)      No healthier than tap water

3)      Bottled water means garbage

4)      Bottled water means less attention to public systems

5)      The corporatization of water

Learn more here:  http://www.mnn.com/food/healthy-eating/stories/5-reasons-not-to-drink-bottled-water