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1. Cancel your newspaper subscription and read the news online instead.
If you prefer paper version, there is another solution to be still green: Share your magazines, read them then pass them on. Search for “used goods collection agencies” such as Crazy About Magazines . You can also pass them along to a doctor’s office for the waiting room.

2. File your bills electronically to cut back on paper usage. Look into having your bills and other forms emailed to you instead of mailed.
Pay your bills online to reduce paper usage and postage costs.

3. Get e-tickets for the movies through apps, or get e-tickets and boarding passes when traveling.

4. Reuse scrap paper. Print on two sides, or let your kids colour on the back side of used paper.

5. Minimize the use of paper towel. In place of paper towel, one can use cloth towel or hankie reducing the consumption of products made from trees.

6. Make sure any paper you buy (toilet rolls, tissue papers, writing paper) comes from recycled sources.

7. Switch to alternative pulp free paper.

The best one is Parax Stone Paper! No Trees, No Water & No Bleach is used, its production takes 50% less energy & creates 50% less CO2 than pulp paper.

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