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Use a bike for short trips and drive less” />

Riding a bicycle is extremely fun and enjoyable when you get into the routine. The hardest thing about it is simply breaking the habit of always driving and making up your mind to bicycle, instead.
It takes a certain amount of dedication to permanently give up a car in favour of a bike, but even an eco-slacker can make it work for short trips that don’t require hauling a lot of stuff: picking up milk at the local grocery store, after-dinner ice cream at your favourite dessert spot, your morning yoga class, brunch with friends at the coffee shop. Ride your bike for trips shorter than 2 miles and you could cut your carbon footprint significantly, save money on gasoline and car maintenance, and increase your fitness level — all at the same time.
Also, take the stairs instead of the elevator (great for the environment and your health).

Why ride a bicycle?
– It’s cheaper
– It reduces pollution and energy use
– You’ll get exercise on your way to your destination
– Bicycling is a lot faster than you might think, even if you don’t bike very fast.

There are more bicycles than residents in The Netherlands and in cities like Amsterdam and The Hague up to 70% of all journeys are made by bike. The BBC’s Hague correspondent, Anna Holligan, who rides an omafiets – or “granny style” – bike complete with wicker basket and pedal-back brakes, examines what made everyone get back in the saddle. Why do not start this tradition in UK?
See this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23587916