by Natasha Kalantar

The ‘water into wine’ phenomenon may have been prodigious, possibly equally as exceptional is the new Parax Paper.
What once was a waste product has been transformed into an ecological gift; made from 80% CaCO3 (calcium carbonate or limestone) and 20% polyethene as a non toxic binding agent, Parax paper has developed paper made from stone, not the conventional tree.
The calcium carbonate is almost entirely recycled as the entire process is a green godsend; the elimination of water results in no waste what so ever and production requires half the energy required to produce regular pulp paper.
The papers ecological qualities go on; the ability of the stone paper to naturally photo degrade within less than a year, returning to its natural state as limestone ensuring reusability. Even if Parax paper is burned its natural elements release no toxins under category 2 plastic recycling.

Environmental savings for Parax Stone Paper

In addition, the aesthetic qualities of stone paper are the most astonishing feature. It is crucial to not the crisp whiteness of the paper, which unlike most recyclable paper leaves a smooth feel and a non porous surface resulting in around 30% less ink usage. Tear proof, oil proof and water proof; this natural paper not only goes hand in hand with our environment but proves to be a necessity for countless applications.

waterproof parax stone paperPerfect for us tree huggers and the less environmentally minded alike; save the planet little by little by simply switching to Parax Papers range of all natural items.