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” Stationary. What could be new in the world of stationery? Not the most exciting subject in most situations, at least until a company called Parax came along to rip up the tree paper rulebook and replace it with a stone paper one instead. You read that correctly, paper made of stone!

Parax are a company that many may remember from Dragon’s Den, a UK TV show allowing people looking for investment to pitch their idea to people looking to invest. Since that first outing the product range has grown and Parax has beaten over 500 companies to become the UK 2013 Green Champion, but the core message has remained: switching to stone paper can have a seriously positive impact for the environment. This message is clear on every product, for example on the back page of a notebook, and the key points are:

    • No Bleach is used in the production of stone paper
    • No water is used in the production of stone paper
    • No trees are used in the production of stone paper



For those of you not overly fussed by eco credentials there are real world user benefits to switching to stone paper. Although it looks the same as tree paper it feels far nicer; It has a silky, premium, feel to it and it’s luxurious to write on. In day to day use this is the only difference you’re likely to notice…that is until you spill your drink on it or get caught in the rain, or decide to go for a swim. Unlike tree paper stone paper doesn’t disintegrate into a soggy mess when it gets wet, in fact it doesn’t do anything at all! It’s so resistant to water you can actually take a pencil and continue to write on the stone paper while it’s submerged in water, making it ideal for anyone that fancies a little scuba-sketching.

But that’s not the only advantage over traditional tree paper, it’s also much stronger and less likely to be ripped accidentally. Even when submerged in water it retains it’s strength, meaning if you do spill a drink, get caught in the rain or accidentally drop the pad into a puddle all you’ll need to do is flick the water off and it’s ready to use again.

Parax have taken stone paper and come up with a great range of products, including pocket notebooks, gift bags and notepads. They come in different shapes, sizes and styles, so there is something for everyone, and all retain the core benefits of stone paper. You’d expect these products to cost a lot more given the benefits, but a quick look on Amazon revealed that compared to an equivalent product (i.e. a decent tree paper product) there isn’t much difference in price, meaning there really isn’t a reason not to make the switch.

And having tested a number of these products I can confirm that messing about with paper and water doesn’t get old. These are great products to show off, people will stare at your in amazement like you’ve just performed a magic trick.

A quick review of the Parax website reveals that you can also request your own brand stationary, making this perfect for those looking for eco friendly company branded stationary that has additional benefits of being waterproof, take note people in charge of Fire Brigade stationary!

Parax have come up with a genuine innovation in stationary, premium products without a massive price tag. In purchasing a Parax stone paper product you get superior stationary and Parax can continue to reduce the environmental impact of producing products, it’s win-win.”