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Essex Wildlife Trust – the county’s leading conservation charity, that protects over 7,250 acres of land on 87 nature reserves and 2 nature parks and runs 9 visitor centres is now stocking our eco-friendly ” I am made of Stone” notebooks !

ImageAbout Essex Wildlife Trust: Why visit Essex Wildlife Centres and Nature Reserves ?

“Essex is Breathing Place is somewhere you can escape the hassles of everyday life, get your hands dirty, listen to bird – song and admire the natural world. Essex is blessed with a rich and varied wildlife heritage. It is arguably most famous for its long and sometimes barren coastline that many can enjoy: the rivers, some wonderful ancient woodland, mosaic and grassland, important brownfield sites and coastal grazing marshes. However there is more to Essex than this, with heaths, wetlands and important wildlife corridors scattered throughout the county within the wider farmed countryside. These beautiful and often vulnerable wild places are not static and have evolved gradually over thousands of years in response to climate, soil, water and the impact of humans.”

For more information about Essex Wildlife Trust visit: http://www.essexwt.org.uk/