I’ve recently been experimenting with chia seeds, the latest superfood craze. Packed with a plethora of vitamins and minerals, as well as being a complete protein source, good fat source and great source of carbohydrate energy, they really are the food of the moment.

Having been following IIFYM (a calorie and macro controlled diet) for a few weeks now I’ve been trying to find some healthier treats for that sweet-tooth weekend moment. And what better dessert could there be than a delicious and indulgent tart?

Having tried chia pudding I knew I could get a good consistency for a tart, I just needed a healthier (read: pastry free) base. So with a bit of research, and a bit of tinkering, I found the ideal tart base to make a gloriously sweet, yet crunchy, solid tart. I can see you licking your lips in anticipation!


I bought some gorgeous tartlet tins from Sainsburys that make…

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