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Trees Rock!

Nature can have a really weird visual taste. Several trees naturally take some exciting shape. It is also possible to give some desired shape to trees or plants – this is called Arborsculpture.

Arborsculpture  is the teasing of trees into useful or attractive shapes.  Trees are planted and grown in such a way that it took an amazing shape which is not only difficult but also time consuming. Stems of trees are gradually shaped in its young stage, while the tree is growing to form the desired shape. It is a very lengthy process but amazing.

More about the art of three shaping here: http://www.permaculture.co.uk/articles/art-tree-shaping

There are countless incredible trees in our world, each amazing to look at in its own right – especially those that are particularly unique or strange.  Take a look at our findings of the Weird Trees Around The World!

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Tree in a bubble