b1 parax stone paper plain sheets online poster for social mediaGreat News!
We are selling large B1 Plain Stone Paper Sheets ONLINE!

Check it out!

Parax Paper is eco-friendly paper made from STONE. This paper offers a new medium to work with and produces stunning results.                                                               Click this link to read review

This award winning paper has been shortlisted for European Business Award for the Environment and become UK Green Champion 2013. Paper is naturally white, smooth and lovely to write, draw or sketch on.

No Trees, No Water & No Bleach is used, its production takes 50% less energy & creates 50% less CO2 than pulp paper.

Environmentally-friendly, Waterproof & Tear-Resistant … wonders never end with this paper.

Product Info:

B1 Size ( 1016mm x 711mm)

Thicknesses: RPD 120 ( 144gsm) and RPD 140 (164gsm)

Pack of 25 and 50 sheets

Buy online at: http://www.paraxpaper.co.uk/category_s/1876.htm